About Slipperfields Country Estate:  Wedding, Children's Party and Event Venue

Choosing a venue for a wedding or function is never easy... In my case it was a little more complicated than the average bride's venue options.

I always hoped I would get married on our family farm and as time drew closer to our set wedding date I realised it would take some convincing for my dad to buy into the idea.

We had an old workshop and shed on the farm that oozed potential, it took some planning and a lot of imagination to prove that we could indeed create a unique venue out of this "old dishevelled space".

This is our before photos of the Shed (now chapel) and workshop (now reception venue).


On the 16th of April 2010 renovations commenced... Three months later, 45 min before the wedding bells chimed, Dad switched the TLB ignition off and we celebrated our 3 month feat (and our wedding day).

Slipperfields has been an exciting ongoing learning curve for our family hopefully you will share in our Slipperfields experience.

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